Sunpacer Manufacturing CC

Reg No CK89/33345/23

Standard Conditions of Sale - Sunpacer Trailers

This written order shall constitute the only agreement between Sunpacer Manufacturing CC hereinafter called Sunpacer, and the purchaser, and is binding upon both parties, and is irrevocable once signed by both parties. Firm orders are to be supported by an advance payment of not less than 35%, but subject to negotiation. Remainder of the payment is due prior to delivery from the factory, by certified cheque, internet transfer or other cleared instrument. Under the Financial Services Act, cash for payment of trailers is no longer accepted. Prices are ex factory. Prices are firm only after confirmation in a written order. Upon partial completion of the order, a progress payment may be further negotiated by Sunpacer. Placement of order constitutes acceptance of these conditions of sale.

Normal delivery is six to eight weeks from order, but can vary dependent on workload at any time.
Trailers are supplied with all documentation necessary for licensing by purchaser.

Trailers above 750 kg and below 3500 kg GVM are supplied with inertia brake activators, which may not necessarily be legal with all towing vehicle combinations, in which case a service brake system will need to be installed at purchaser's cost. Electric service brakes are offered as an extra. National Road Traffic Act, Regulations, Chapter 6 Sec 151(1)c applies. Also see special note

One Year Limited Warranty
Sunpacer warrants that the vehicle is free from defects in workmanship and materials to current industrial and commercial standards, for a period of one year from date of delivery. If during the warranty period, under normal operating conditions, and subject to compliance with periodic service conditions, any fault attributable to poor workmanship or faulty material should appear and the article is returned to the factory at the purchaser's expense, Sunpacer shall, at it's own cost and at it's own option, either repair or replace the faulty article. Tyres and running gear are warranted by respective manufacturers under their own separate terms and conditions, which may be exercised at service outlets in major centers. Electrical components are not covered by the warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, obligations or liabilities, expressed or implied, whether for direct or consequential damage or otherwise. Not covered by the warranty is incidental expenses such as hiring of alternate transport, hotel bills, towing charges, loss of income; or normal maintenance and periodic servicing; or any repairs done on a goodwill basis; or any accident and associated damage. Sunpacer shall be the sole judge of what constitutes a faulty article. All warranty work is to be done at the factory in Port Elizabeth or elsewhere by prior agreement. While every effort is made to achieve good sealing against dust and water entry, 100% sealing under all conditions is not guaranteed.

Periodic Service Condition
Sunpacer trailers are built to rigid specifications. To ensure optimum results from this vehicle, purchaser shall ensure that periodic services are carried out, including tightness of wheel bolts; lubrication of wheel bearings, inertia brake coupler and other moving parts; brake adjustment and servicing; tyre pressure and maintenance; wheel balance and tyre rotation; underbody and floor inspection and sealing.

Risk shall pass to the purchaser upon notification of completion of the vehicle. Ownership shall pass to the purchaser on payment of the balance of the purchase price. All items sold remain the property of Sunpacer until paid for in full. If purchaser does not take delivery within thirty (30) days of notification, Sunpacer shall be entitled to sell, deal with or dispose of the vehicle as it may see fit without prejudice to any other recourse it may have against the purchaser and any sums previously paid by the purchaser may be retained by Sunpacer as liquidated damages. Sunpacer shall not be liable for failure or delay in performance resulting from causes beyond reasonable control.

Due to Sunpacer policy of continuous improvement, design or specification changes may be incurred without obligation to install same on vehicles previously sold.

The parties agree that any dispute arising from these Conditions of Sale shall be adjudicated at the Port Elizabeth magistrate's court.

All vehicles are driven and stored at owner's risk. While due care is exercised at all times, Sunpacer shall not be responsible for losses, how-so-ever caused, including losses of customer property left in or on vehicles.